Tavalon Green/White/Oolong Tea of the Month Club

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6 months of tea variety. Something to cherish for a long time after your gift is sent. The club includes Tavalon's guide to tea and two medium jars of our gourmet teas, mailed every other month. Make it complete with our popular gravity teapot.

1st shipment of cycle
- Enlightening Pure Green: A premium green tea from the Fujian province of China with a naturally light, refreshing flavor.
- Anti-Aging Great White: A deliciously subtle, powerfully healthy, organic Pai Mu Tan white tea from China.

2nd shipment
- Balancing Jasmine Dream: A top-grade green tea meticulously perfumed for several days with night-blooming jasmine blossoms.
- Slimming Grand Pouchong: A lightly oxidized oolong tea with a subtle, sweet aroma and complex flavor.

Final shipment
- Enlightening Genmai Cha: A classic Japanese blend of green tea, roasted and partially puffed rice with a "toasty" flavor and aroma.
- Enlightening Tropical Peony: A fun, flavorful Pai Mu Tan white tea with the tropical overtones of pineapple, coconut & rose petal.

Shipping is free after the first shipment! Shipment Schedule: 1st set ships directly after order, remaining sets ship on the following dates; JAN 1st, MARCH 1st, MAY 1st, JULY 1st, SEPT 1st and NOV 1st.


Our goal is to create the best tea blends the world has ever known, while catering to the American palate.
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